12 Reasons Everyone Should Start Growing Lemon Balm

Planting and growing lemon balm can actually bring you medical benefits like no other plant out there. It has antiviral, antibacterial, antispasmodic and antidepressant elements.

It is considered to be a part of the mint family and it can improve many aspects of your life. It is a pretty big plant and if you maintain it properly, it can grow up to two feet high.

It has a beautiful scent and you can get it just by scrubbing the leaves with your fingers. Below are 12 reasons why we believe that you need to start growing this plant.

1. Stress and anxiety relief

Lemon balm has been used for a very long time as a stress reliever. Many mental disorders can be treated with the help of this plant.

The best way to prepare it is to slice up the leaves and boil them. After a while, you should remove the liquid and let it cool down before drinking it.

Also, you can simply rub the leaves on your skin, which will relax you because the oil will go straight through the bloodstream.

2. Improved sleep

If lemon balm can help you reduce the stress in your life, it can surely help you get a better sleep.

You can fight insomnia or other sleep issues with the help of the lemon balm. Make sure to consume the lemon balm at least half an hour before going to bed.

3. Repel mosquitoes

Lemon balm is quite effective against insects, especially against mosquitoes. Also, it is a good exchange for those products filled with a toxic chemical.

These products will certainly repel mosquitoes but not without leaving several side effects. If you grow lemon balm, you won’t have to empty your pocket that much and you will still repel mosquitoes.

This natural product has enough amount of citronellal which is an element that the insects can’t stand. To use it properly, take several leaves and rub them on your skin, especially on your arms and legs.

4. Boosting alertness

This plant will help you with your sleep, will reduce the stress, and believe it or not, it can boost your alertness and energy.

Because of the lemon balm’s properties, you can have enough focus and energy to get through the day easier.

5. Improved memory and problem-solving abilities

Those who consume lemon balm have noticed that their memory is improved. This is actually scientifically proven at the North Umbria University.

During the studies, those who consumed lemon balm pills actually performed better at certain tests than those who consumed a placebo.

The improvement of the memory is because of the antioxidant properties that the lemon balm has, more so, the compound known as eugenol.

This compound can suppress the brain chemical acetylcholinesterase which affects the brain functions such as memory and problem-solving abilities.

6. Heal cold sores

Because of the antiviral properties, lemon balm is quite effective when you want to treat cold sores. Lemon balm is rich in flavonoids, phenolic and rosmarinic acid. With the help of these compounds, you can treat a herpes outbreak or an infection.

To use its properties fully, you can make a tea out of its leaves. You can drink it or you can apply the tea to the affected area.

7. Improve the health of the liver

Having healthy liver is one of the most essential factors for having a perfect health. It is responsible for detoxicating your body and with the help of the lemon balm, you can protect your liver for a long time.

We tend to consume unhealthy food and drinks, which can significantly harm our liver. That is why we need something to reverse that process and the lemon balm is the right choice.

8. Improve digestion system and prevent gastrointestinal problems

If you consume lemon balm on daily basis, you can protect your digestive system. If you have any issues with your stomach, such as bloating, gas, pain or indigestion, the lemon balm will definitely help you.

9. Regulate blood sugar levels

Because of its high levels of antioxidants, the lemon balm can help your body maintain a healthy level of blood sugar.

Compounds such as eugenol, ferulic, caffeic acid, rosmarinic acid or quercetin, can improve the health of your brain and can promote a healthy level of blood pressure.

10. Sore muscles relief

If are constantly physically active, then you will need something to soothe the soreness and pain.

Lemon balm has shown quite effective when used for treating sore muscles. The eugenol is here to reduce the pain and to relax your body.

11. Promote better skin health

With the help of the lemon balm, you can treat many skin conditions. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can treat and heal a skin disorder.

You can treat acne, damaged skin, sunburns or sores. The famous caffeic acid and ferulic acid can get through the layers into the cutaneous part of the skin and therefore, they can protect you from UV radiation.

12. Help the bees

With the help of the lemon balm, we can improve the bee population. We need the bees because they are the most effective pollinators. It is proven that they pollinate at least 80 percent of the plants on Earth.

This means that every fruit and vegetable that we eat is because the bees worked hard for us. That is why we need to help them continue with their work and the lemon balm is exactly what they need.

How to plant and maintain lemon balm

We have probably made you think deeper about this wonderful plant. If you have decided to grow it, you should know that it is quite easy.

It won’t need much space and it can be grown on any kind of a climate. Place the plants 20 to 24 inches apart at a place where it gets both, sunlight and shade throughout the day.

You can grow it from seed in a glass of water, but make sure to change the water every day. As soon as you see that the plant is releasing roots, plant it in your garden.

Make sure that the soil is moist and well-drained and try to use fertilizer. We recommend waiting to grow a few stems before harvesting the leaves.