6 Convincing Reasons You Should Start Using Eggshells In Your Garden

There has been a major debate on the topic of eggs, and whether they pose a beneficial impact on our health. After long research, the vast majority concluded that not just eggs as a food, but eggshells as well, have many benefits to our health.

In fact, eggshells can be used in a variety of ways, which will certainly benefit your household.

So what makes eggshells so beneficial? Well, aside from being packed with essential minerals, eggshells are full of protein and vitamins, too.

In fact, today we’ll show you how you can now use eggshells in your garden, thus boosting your everyday life.

6 Ways to Use Eggshells in Your Garden

1. As a fertilizer

Eggshells are rich in calcium, which makes compost more effective. Eggshells have the tendency of decomposing quickly, therefore you won’t have to monitor them at all.

The best way to use them is by putting crumbled eggshell inside your planting holes. This is also best done in spring.

As for winter, the eggshells go over the planting area you have waiting for spring. Eggshells are also easily stored, and don’t spoil, which makes it easy to use them all-year-round.

2. As a pest exterminator

Oh, pests! From snails to slugs, and appetite-infused insects, pests are a true pain in the neck.

However, by placing eggshells around the ‘most attacked’ plants, you’ll get rid of them efficiently. As eggshells are sharp, they’ll keep pests of all sorts away from your plants.

3. As seeding pots

Eggshells work amazingly around plants, and can even help the seed grow. When breaking open an egg, leave out a small hole at the tip of the shell’s end.

Clean them in boiling water and pierce a drainage opening at the bottom of each prepared shell. Transfer to a carton item, add soil and seeds and you are good to go!

4. To feed birds

If you have a bird pet, eggshells might keep it alive for years to come. As eggshells are rich in calcium, they allow birds to strengthen their bones and be more enduring.

Whether you lay our eggshells in your yard or in your birdcage, know that eggshells as nutritious as it gets.

5. To chase away animals

Are deer your new home visitors? Worry no more, and throw around eggshells around your garden.

They usually go for a particular plant, so pay close attention. Eggshells contain albumin, an effective repellent for deer.

6. For decoration

Eggshells look very mesmerizing when grinded well. Therefore, they can be used as a decorative piece. The best ways to use them is inside vases, or along with Christmas or Easter decorations.

They fit very well in jars and don’t have any odor at all. Even if you use them inside your home plants pots, you will make the most of them.

Plus, your home plants will also benefit the presence of eggshells, as calcium absorbs into the soil efficiently.