7 Amazing Health Benefits of Farting

There are numerous ways to offend some people or to simply have them feel outraged for your behavior. There are behaviors such as yelling, pointing, spitting or throwing garbage that are simply unacceptable.

On the other side, there is another occurrence that most people believe it is gross and unpolite – it is called flatulence (farting).

Well, it is a totally natural occurrence that happens to every living person, and there is no shame in that. Many people claim that farting in public only brought them shame and embarrassment.

However, it is necessary that you release the gas every time that you have the need because it plays a huge role in your digestion.

1. Holding gas harm your colon

If you are holding gas for too long, you might experience some problems with your colon. If you are holding for too much, not only gas but urine or bowel movement, you might experience pain later on.

Of course, releasing gas in front of other might feel inappropriate, but if it leads to relief, what else does it matter?

People should accept the fact that releasing gas is completely natural and normal, even if it happens in public.

2. If it is smelly, it is healthy

Another embarrassing situation for most people, but yet again, it is normal and it tells you that your digestion is working properly.

When you release gas, you simultaneously release a compound known as hydrogen sulfide which can help your body defend its self against sicknesses.

Also, this occurrence can protect your body from a stroke or heart attack.

3. Releasing gas can relieve you from bloating

Bloating is incredibly annoying and you will never feel comfortable while bloated. Bloating usually happens after you finish eating, especially if you ate a big meal.

It might inflict pain or aches from time to time. However, bloating can also be a sign that you have gas roaming in your stomach.

It isn’t too dangerous to hold the gas, but you will not feel comfortable until you do. Once you do, you may experience bloating relief.

4. Constant flatulence can be alarming

Sometimes, if you are constantly releasing audible farts for a long period of time, it might seem that you are having some health problems.

Notice symptoms such as really bad smell, ache when releasing gas or increased frequency.

If this is the case with you, we recommend checking with your doctor because it might result in color cancer or it may simply be some kind of food intolerance.

5. Constant releasing of gas can mean that you have a healthy gut

If you constantly include healthy foods in your diet, foods that are rich in proteins or fiber, you might experience gas.

If you consume foods such as broccoli, kale, cabbage or beans, you will improve the work of your digestive system while creating more gas.

6. Flatulence can improve the balance of your diet

By forming and releasing gas, your stomach can actually tell you what kinds of foods you need to eat. You may miss out on something, or you constantly eat too much of some kind of food.

Check your diet once again and see if you are overeating or missing on foods rich in fiber or proteins.

For example, if you eat a lot of meat every day, your gas will become smelly, and therefore, you will have to decrease your meat intake.

7. Flatulence leads to relief

All in all, releasing gas is good for your body and brings a huge deal of relief. Truly, some people are ashamed of it, but we got to do what nature requires.