7 Promises You Should Make Yourself (and Keep)

Nowadays, many people are taking their promises for granted, and that usually ends up ricocheting toward them. It is important to make a promise and to do your best to keep it no matter what.

When you promise yourself to learn something new, to lose weight or to start living healthy, you should do anything in your power to keep that promise.

Think of it as an obligation that simply needs to be done. This way, you can improve your self-confidence, your willpower, and characteristics.

The more promises you neglect, the more you believe that your next neglected promise can be just fine.

Here are 7 examples of promises that you can make and do your best to keep.

1. Obey your body orders when stressed

If you are feeling demoted, sad or depressed, it is probably your body’s way of telling you that you need to take a break and simply rest.

By doing this, you will reduce the risks of developing a cardiovascular disease, depression or anxiety.

If you notice that your stress is increasing continuously, take a break, or try meditating. You will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

2. Smile as much as you can

Smiling can really boost your mood, even though you feel sad. It will reduce your stress, and increase your energy, so you can simply enjoy your time.

It will improve your social skills and will enhance your self-confidence.

3. Live an optimistic life

Do your best to look at situations more positively, open your mind and leave your comfort zone from time to time.

Accept new experiences because they might bring you new possibilities and fun moments in your life.

4. Don’t think about your past, but learn from your mistakes

Having your past memories with you can really harm your present and future. It is important to embrace them and if you’ve made a mistake, learn your lesson.

They will stop you from doing mistakes in your future and you can conquer your goals easily.

5. Live your life the best way you can

If you think more about the people surrounding you, there is a possibility to change your real behavior and characteristics.

You might even never reach your goals and ambitions. Try to gather as much happiness by living your life to the fullest and going for your passions.

6. Ended relationships are part of the past

There are many people that you have had in your life, and now they are simply gone. Whenever you meet someone you like, and you lose him, try to let it go as soon as you can.

Every single thing that begins, will come to an end. Don’t hold back feelings and just move on living your life.

7. When needed, make changes in your life

There are times when you are forced to change some things about you or your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid of obstacles and challenges, accept them and try to conquer them.

You might end up experiencing new better situations in your life, that will bring you happiness and joy.