8 Exercises All People With Tired Eyes Need to Do

There are many studies which prove how a proper eyesight affects the brain. Vision can improve the performance of the brain by 50%. As we get older, we experience eyesight issues.

This mainly happens because we are in a digital era where we are obliged to spend too much time in front of smartphones or computers.

However, we can still control the damage or at least reduce it. There are several exercises that can help you get rid of tired eyes, especially if you have had a long and exhausting day.

There is always the technical approach to this issue, but many of these treatments are done with the help of computers. This means that you will be forced to stare at screens even more than before.

That being said, you can start following these exercises in order to get rid of tired eyes. You can do these exercises by either sitting down or standing still, whatever is more comfortable for you.

1. Near and far focus

For this exercise, you need to place your thumb in front of you and stare at it for at least 15 seconds.

You can also place an object in front of you and focus on it for at least 10-15 seconds.

The last step is to gaze at an object distant from you. You can choose a car, a person or a tree, and just gaze at it for 15 seconds.

2. Move your eyes from side to side

Another easy exercise that will definitely help you with tired eyes issues. Start by rolling your eyes from left to right without changing the position of your head.

Try focusing on an object that is on your left or right side of you. You can do 6 repetitions with 3 sets.

3. Move your eyes up and down

Similar to the ones from above, you can start by looking up and down, and focus on some object. Do this exercise at least 6 times and repeat it 3 times.

4. Move your eyes diagonally

Start by looking down to your left, and start moving your eyes diagonally. Look to the right and focus on any objects around you.

Constantly change the directions and focus on objects as much as you can. Practice this exercise 6 times and for 3 sets.

5. Move your eyes in a circle

Start moving your eyes in a circle to your left 5 times. Then, switch sides and repeat for 5 times. You can do the exercise 3 times.

6. Blinking on purpose

You can do this exercise simply by blinking very slowly for at least 15 times per minute. All in all, you have to do this exercise for at least 2 minutes.

7. Use your palms

If you want to soothe the optic nerve, this exercise can really help you. Make your room darker and sit on a chair with your elbows leaned on the table.

Before setting your palms on your eyes, warm them up well. Place them on your eyes, and remain still for 5 minutes. Also, try to inhale and exhale correctly.

8. 20/20/20 exercise

If your job requires you to be in front of a monitor all day, you need to make pauses.

We recommend that you stop with your work every 20 minutes and gaze at some object for 20 seconds. Your brain and eyes need this exercise in order to function better afterward.

Mask for better results

For this mask, you will only need these 3 ingredients – 1 tablespoon of sliced carrots, 1 teaspoon of Aloe Vera and 1 egg white.

Start by making a mixture with these ingredients in a bowl. Mix it thoroughly and carefully apply the mask under your eyes. Leave it for 15-30 minutes before rinsing it with warm water.

These remedies will bring a lot of advantages and you will see the difference in a matter of days.