A No-Gym Workout Plan for 10 Weeks That Can Help Reduce Fat

You probably want to burn that extra fat and improve your muscularity, but did you know that you can do that from home? You don’t have to go to the gym, but you can build that body you have always want it.

We will provide you with a 10-week workout routine that will definitely help you burn fat.

Be persistent and follow these instructions and exercises and you will see the difference in 10 weeks. Become stronger, happier and healthier person with a slim body.

1. Squats

This exercise will mainly put pressure on your legs, but it is good for strengthening your core. Start by putting your feet shoulder-width apart and hold your chest up and out.

Put your arms straight in front of you and go down by bending your knees. Make sure that you have your thighs parallel to the floor.

Try to maintain this position for several seconds before standing up in the starting position, and repeat the exercise for at least 20 times.

2. Butt kicks

Another good exercise that will improve the strength of your core. Make sure that you follow the instructions because you need to do it correctly for best results.

Position yourself on the ground with your forearms supporting your upper body. With one knee on the ground, lift the other leg in the air.

Try to hold it lifted for at least 10 seconds before putting your leg down. Repeat the process and switch legs after several times.

3. Push-ups

This exercise will promote strength for your whole body and it will speed up the process of building good muscularity.

Lay down with your face fronting down and put your hands shoulder-width apart.

Your legs need to be close to each other. Make a plank position and lift yourself up with your arms. Repeat this at least for 10 times. Keep a straight posture for best results.

4. Crunches

An exercise that will mainly bring strength to your abs. Simply lay down on your back and bent your knees. Spread them hip-width apart and put your hands behind your neck.

Try to bring your upper body up and hold the posture for a few seconds before going back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise ten times.

5. Lunges

Another good exercise for your legs and core. Stand normally with a straight back in a position that is comfortable.

Simply make one step forward with one of your legs and bend the other one until it touches the floor. Come back up and switch legs. Repeat the process for 10 times.

6. Plank

An exercise that will definitely improve your abs more than any other abs-exercise. Start by placing yourself in the pushup position that we mentioned before.

Make sure to place your elbows beneath you and raise yourself on your toes. Breath correctly, keep up this tight posture and try to feel how your muscles are tightening. Try to balance the weight into your legs and elbows in order to hold on for more time.

7. Jumping Jacks

This is the exercise that will speed up the fat burning process. Start by standing with your feet close to each other and your hands on your sides.

Jump up while bringing your hands up and spreading your legs to the sides. Go back to the beginning position and repeat the movement at least 15 times.

You need to completely commit to these exercises if you want to see positive results. They won’t take much of your time, and you can pause 1 day per week.

Image Source: www.gofit-stayfit.com