Four Scientists Explain What Sitting Too Long Does To Your Body

The digital era that we found ourselves in, gave us a lifestyle that brings several difficulties and disadvantages. For example, many people work in an office, which is a job that requires sitting for most of the time.

Many people sit for more than eight hours without being physically active in their free time.

Well, this can have a huge impact on our lives and we can find ourselves struggling with health issues such as obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, chronic back pain or bad posture.

If you believe that you are in danger to your health because of sitting all day, then you should take a look at the disadvantages below.

1. Problems with shoulders, neck, and brain

When you move, the oxygen and blood in your body are flowing through the whole system and your brain. This inflicts boosted focus and clarity.

However, if you sit most of your time, you will be slowing this process of flow in your brain which reduces your power to think straight and smart.

Going down your body, your neck will also suffer significantly, especially if you are having a bad posture while sitting.

Also, sitting for long periods of time can harm your shoulders and back, because you are usually extending yourself in order to reach out your keyboard.

2. Problems with back

Most of the people who are sitting for longer periods of time are usually complaining about back pain. This happens due to their bad posture while sitting and it can result in disk damage, back pain, and inflexible spines.

If you are physically active, the soft disks between vertebrae in your spine will expand and contract which results in a boosted flow of blood and nutrients.

If you sit for too long without moving, you will stop this process and you will face issues in your back.

3. Muscle degeneration

When you sit, your ab muscles are relaxed and unused. If you do this for a longer period, you can develop swayback which is an unnatural overextension of the natural arch of your spine.

This can reduce your flexibility, especially in your back and hips. Having more flexible hips can result in a better balance of your body and if you sit all day, you can develop tense hip flexor muscles.

4. Organs deterioration

Believe or not, sitting for too long can lead to a cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, and heart disease.

This happens when your inactivity boosts the production of insulin which can also develop weight gain, which usually leads to diabetes or obesity.

If you decide to stand up and move from time to time, you will destroy the so-called cancer cells and your body will start antioxidating.

5. Problems with legs

If you are on a chair all day long, you will reduce the circulation in your legs which can lead to blood clots, swollen ankles or varicose veins.

Also, sitting can promote weak and less dense bones, which can result in osteoporosis. Even the slightest movement can help you, so you need to start walking or running.

How to prevent these issues from happening

If your job requires sitting longer than usual, there are several tricks that you try in order to avoid these disadvantages. For example, try to sit straight the whole time without relaxing too much.

Also, you can get an exercise ball which requires to have pressure in your ab muscles while sitting.

Also, you need to stretch your body from time to time. At least once an hour, stand up, walk through your office or room, and spend several minutes stretching your body. Make several exercises in order to boost the blood flow through your system.

Last but not least, start practicing yoga. It will improve the flexibility of your muscles and will help you reduce the stress of your everyday life.