How To Make Your Own Rose Water & 13 Ways to Use It

Because of its powerful and healthy properties, the rose water is always recommended by many doctors. It is quite expensive, but you can make it on your own in order to save a couple of bucks.

Advantages of drinking Rose Water

  • Improved blood pressure and reduced stress

The scent of the rose can really lower your high blood pressure while lowering your levels of cortisol (stress hormone) at the same time. This can help you with any depression or anxiety disorders.

  • Antioxidant and Antibacterial Properties
  • Antiinflammation Properties

It can help you get rid of swellings, redness or inflammation. The properties from the rose water can maintain a healthy level of your skin’s pH.

This can come in handy if you are experiencing issues with eczema, psoriasis or acne. Also, because it will improve the permeability of your skin, your beauty products will work more efficiently.

  • Improved sleep

It is scientifically proven that rose water can help you with insomnia because of its soothing floral properties.


1. Simmer Pot

For this recipe, you only need 5 cups of water and 1 cup fresh or ½ cup dried organic rose petals.

First of all, you need to use a saucepan for the petals and water. Cover the saucepan and boil. After it boils, you need to simmer for 10 minutes by reducing the heat.

You will notice that the pedals are fading. After waiting for it to cool down, you need to cleanse the water with a cheesecloth.

2. Distillation

You only need water, ice and 3 cups of fresh or 1.5 dried organic petals.

Take a large pot and add a rock or brick in the center. Place a metal bowl on top of it and add the petals together with water.

Cover the pot and put it upside-down in order to get the liquid into the bowl that will be dripping from the center. If you want to speed up the process, the ice cubes will help you a lot.

Furthermore, you need to simmer the water for 30 minutes. However, make sure that you keep the steam as much as possible.

The last step is to let it cool down and put the liquid into a sterilized glass bottle. You can keep this drink for six months in your fridge.

3. The Cheat Method

For this recipe, you will be using rose essential oil, but make sure you don’t ingest it because it is only used for beauty treatments.

You will need 1 teaspoon of vodka, 12 drops of rose essential oil and 1 cup of distilled water.

Mix everything together and add it to a sterilized glass bottle. Keep it in your fridge and make sure to shake it before using it.

How to use Rose Water

When you have rose water, there are various ways to use it. You can use it for beauty or health improvement or simply in your kitchen.

1. Rose water spray

You can apply your home-made rose water to a spray bottle together with an essential oil. Shake the bottle and spray it.

2. Face Mist

Rose water can come in handy in those hot summer days when you are at risk of skin redness or swelling. As an addition, you can add Aloe Vera or Vitamin E in order to improve your skin even more.

3. Facial Toner

Rose water can be used as a facial toner in order to protect your skin from acne. To create it, mix a half cup of distilled water with a tablespoon of rose water.

4. Mascara or eyeliner remover

Combine jojoba oil and rose water and clean your makeup with a cotton ball. The area around the eyes can be tricky to clean, but the rose water will definitely help you.

5. Hair Health Improvement

Because of its ability to control the pH, it can destroy the fungus and bacteria. After washing your hair, rinse it with a cup of rose water. If you want, you can also combine your rose water with your shampoo.

6. Use it for your bed sheets

With a few drops of rose water, combined with some essential oil, you will freshen up your linen while protecting it from bacteria.

7. Treat your sunburn

Mix your homemade rose water with Aloe Vera, apple cider vinegar and essential oil of your choice. It will improve your skin health and can help you with the sunburns.

8. Soothing Bath Tub

You can add rose water to your bath and you can say goodbye to any anxiety or stress feelings during your day while improving your skin health.

9. Stress Treatment

If you are fighting stress, depression or anxiety, you can try spraying rose water on your linen, especially your pillowcase.

You can also add it to your diffuser or simply spray it on your clothes. It is scientifically proven that rose water can relax you and remove stress in your life.

10. Rose Water Mouthwash

You can combine your homemade rosewater with an essential oil of your choice in order to have a conventional mouthwash.

11. Eye Remedy

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of the rose water, you can treat an eye infection or eye swelling. Simply apply rose water on a cotton pad and hold it on your eye for at least 5 minutes.

12. Food Flavor

There are numerous recipes that can be used together with rose water. Your homemade rose water can bring a refreshing taste to numerous kinds of dishes, especially those made with nuts or fruits.

13. Beverage Addition

Rose water can be also added to cocktails or tonics. There are a lot of recipes for beverages such as teas, lemonades, cocktails or even smoothies.